Poker Now at Great Blue Heron Casino!

Open daily from noon to 4 a.m.

Contact the Poker Pit at 905-985-4888 ext. 4410 to place your name on a list up to 90 minutes in advance.

The poker phone is not available between the hours of 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. daily.

Here are some important changes you should know:

  • Cell phones can be used at the poker table, when you do not have cards. No talking on the phone at the table.
  • All buy ins are to be done at the cage, cash does not play
  • New Players do not have to post – unless they want to come in on the dead puck or small blind
  • Minimum $2 rake once there is a flop
  • Rake is always taken from the main pot first. If rake from the main pot is less than max rake, the remaining rake will be taken from the side pot
  • Reduced rake is taken when 4 or less players are dealt in
  • When 2 players receive the same rank card when drawing cards, suit will determine the winner.
  • When seat changing, you must post when moving away from the blinds and ‘jump over’ 2 live players.
  • When Table changing, you become a New Player – meaning you must meet buy in requirements
  • After leaving a table, you cannot return with less chips than you left with, unless an hour has passed
  • Meal break ends once you return to the table, you must return your Meal sign to the Inspector.
  • Showdown – if there wasn’t a river bet, the player that was first to act (check) is to open first, otherwise, it is the last aggressor.
  • Showdown –only players that are still in possession of their cards may ask to see a mucked hand.
  • 50% raise rule – in both Limit and No Limit, when a player puts out at least 50% of a raise, they must put out a minimum raise.
  • Out of Turn action is binding (including verbal), as long as action does not change.


  • Short all-in raises that are less than 50% of the raise will not count as a raise. Raises after a short all-in of less than 50% will complete the raise.
  • Short all-in raises that are at least 50% will count as a raise, any raise after this will be a full raise on top of the all-in amount.
  • Betting will be reopened to a player that has already acted if they are facing at least 50% of a bet/raise.


  • All raises must be done in one motion. You may not say raise, then put out the call amount, and then put out the raise amount.
    Anything that was not done in one continuous motion, without pause will be considered a string.

Contact the Poker Pit directly at 905-985-4888 ext. 4410.




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